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The Melt Peri Peri is meant for the chicken lovers. If you love chicken and you will certainly like to have a unique experience, you should visit our restaurant to have different types of chickens. We have done our best to incorporate many types of chicken dishes for our customers. Although we are famous for chicken and offer wide varieties, you might expect a few other dishes. Even the younger kids would love to visit our restaurant. We have done our best to satisfy our young customers by adding some dishes for them. You can expect both the non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Yes, you will appreciate the preparation. We are famous for unique preparation. The menu is not lengthy. But you will find many of your favorite chicken dishes. In The Melt Peri Peri, you will find wings, special offers, kids meal, bread, gourmet burgers, peri peri burgers, platters, salads, side orders, wraps, desserts, dips, drinks, and grilled chicken. As mentioned earlier, the menu will not be lengthy. But you can expect many varieties in almost all the categories on menu page. For example, you will have peri peri chicken burger, peri peri thigh burger, peri peri chicken burger meal, and peri peri thigh burger meal in peri peri burgers. In the grilled chicken, there will be grilled chicken and grilled chicken meal. Similarly, you will find kids chicken nuggets, kids grilled cheeseburger, kids chicken nuggets meal, and kids grilled cheeseburger meal in the kids meal. You can consider visiting the vast menu to know about the available food options in any of your favorite categories. You can also consider us for the parties as we offer different types of food, desserts, and drinks. Moreover, your order will be delivered in the given address without any hassle.

About The Melt Peri Peri Edmonton

The Melt Peri Peri is popular for different varieties of the chickens. Every chicken lover would love to visit us. In fact, many of our customers are regular visitors. They appreciate us for wide varieties, preparation, friendly staff, and the dedicated customer care service. We are also easily accessible. You might visit our site. You can also download our app. Both these options are convenient. Our app is accessible in the Google Store and App store as well. The downloading will take a couple of minutes only. After downloading the app, you might visit the menu to know about food options and to place your order. You will get the delivery at your doorstep. At the same time, we offer both the takeaway and delivery service. If you are interested in the takeaway, you might visit our restaurant. We will make sure that it will be fast. Our staff will be always there to offer any help.

Restaurant location The Melt Peri Peri Edmonton

Would you love to have your peri peri chicken burger? Do you want your grilled chicken to be sent to the doorstep? Are you planning to surprise your kids with kid’s grilled cheeseburger? What are you waiting for? For all these, you might visit us. We are able to satisfy all your cravings. We are located in your area. You’ll find us at 564 Hertford Road, Edmonton, N9 8AG. You might visit our site or restaurant. In both the cases, you will find the same result. We will welcome your visit or valuable feedback.

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